What The Victorian Ferret Society is ABOUT

Founded in December 1992
The aims of the Victorian Ferret Society are:

Promote the correct care of ferrets and ensure the welfare of ferrets
Educate the general public in all aspects of ferret husbandry.
Care for and re-home surrendered, lost or unwanted ferrets.
Protect the working ferret.
Ensure that ferrets for sale are in a healthy condition at the time of sale.
Provide interactive venues for ferret owners and enthusiasts.


We are an incorporated society, consisting of people who love and respect animals – especially ferrets.
Company Overview
VFS members act as; rescuers, carers, fund raisers, educators and welfare officers.

We liase with Ferret Societies in all Australian States, and have concact with ferret owners and researchers in Great Britian, Europe and America.

We are a Nonprofit Organization